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Building Equity Through Empathy

Affordable Housing Documentary | Directed + Produced by Kimberly Rashad | Debuted at EcoDistricts Summit in Minneapolis

We all have to live on this earth, we might as well be able to enjoy it and it begins with making sure the places we inhabit on a daily basis are up to par, including our homes. We spend 90% of our lives indoors. Optimizing the quality of life for everyone through housing is a long term goal. As you witnessed during the video, my family plays a huge role in my understanding of the importance empathy plays in urban development and good design. The individuals in this video, Jamil Ford who is an architect and founder of MDA Design, Jeremiah Ellison who is the Ward 5 city council member, Taneka Redmond who has been a Minneapolis Resident for over 25 years, Chelsea Dolan who is an employee of Commonbond affordable housing create the narrative. I hope the video raises questions and changes perspectives in terms of building missions and businesses around not just financial gain, but also good design for all.

Click Here to View Housing Panel Video


Edited by D.A. Bullock + Special Thanks to Taneka Redmond, Jeremiah Ellison, Jamil Ford, Chelsea Dolan & Commonbond. 

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