The Power of Being Self Assured Regardless of How Powerful Your Personal Story May Be.

There’s this lady, Susan Cain. I read a lot of her #quietrevolution articles and they give me life. Just read one titled “How to tell your own life story” because it tied in well with this video I just made. a lot of times I have trouble finding the right words and stories to adequately tell someone who I am. sounds dumb I bet, but these are the things I think about. Especially since in my current life I’m constantly meeting new people who don’t know my current struggles, recent successes and why I do what I do. I feel often times I try to express myself to others and am left feeling like I missed something. Curiousity isn’t a trait given to everyone. So now I am here in constant wonder of the impression I put out… in fear of feeling the feeling i currently feel which is a bit alone and not so warm… it also makes me feel that I need to edit myself and compile many different drafts of my “story” because if my “cover letter” for that given person isn’t relevent to them then my presense is forgotten and another connection is lost. before I didn’t care, but right at this moment in my life connections are everything. May seem like I’m overthinking, but I’d rather over think than be overseen. but the overthink will probably puncture the originality of my first draft and cause me to be overseen anyway. That’s the power of self assurance. You can be as dumb as Bush or as evil as Trump. As long as you are confident in whatever story you are telling…some sort of light or emotion…people will find you unforgettable.

Be self assured everyone. And I will continue to try to practice what I preach :)

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