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Minneapolis Designer, Kimberly Williams

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Kimberlyrwill is Interior Design’s emerging African American Artist. Her focus on Eco friendliness keeps her miles ahead of the top 20 at her career level.

Kimberly is already making her mark around the United States having worked with Kimberly Ward, created a billboard design for Syracuse, New York’s Connective Corridor Civic Engagement Initiative and will be a featured artist in the #CantHydeTheFuture Hyde Art Project event in Boston, MA. this Fall.

Kimberly is a practiced Graphic Artist and trained Environmental Designer with a degree from Syracuse University. Kimberly grew up in Minneapolis, MN, but has southern soul running through her bones with a rich family history in Atlanta, GA.

Kimberly spent her grade school years in music as a clarinetist. After 10 years she retired and decided to pursue art and design as a profession. This past May, Kimberly finished her thesis on how Sustainable Design can promote small business growth, cultural preservation and women empowerment.

Her plans for the future include becoming a certified Sustainable Designer and Small Business owner that fully supports the Black community. You can find Kimberly on her website and social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

What is your art form(s) of choice? Graphic Art & Interior Design

What got you started? I got started in college while I was teaching myself creative design softwares. I wanted to practice as well as express my interests in social justice. It started with hair and expanded to more pressing topics like police brutality, homelessness and incarceration. I’m beginning to hashtag these art pieces as the #IRantWithMyArt series, as I stay Black, a woman and live on this earth there will always be something to #rant about.

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