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Thoughts behind going full time

An action is nothing without setting your intention behind said action.

I, Kimberly Rashad, am officially going full time with my business, Iterate Design Collaborative.

What does this mean?

  • It means I’m choosing to devote my time to helping others directly whether it be to create a space of comfort + ease for their home or office, or create efficient and effective brand strategy that matches the audience they’d like to attract

  • It means I want to spend more time teaching

  • It means I don’t want to have to choose whether to spend time working or with my daughter. I can and will do both.

  • It means I care more about my sanity and self esteem than an “easy” paycheck

  • It means I have officially retired from allowing strangers to dictate how I chose to spend the majority of my time.

  • It means I’m choosing my own reality

  • It means I’m choosing geographical freedom

  • It means I am choosing myself and whoever chooses to choose me too, not just for the sake of labor, but for the sake of a comfortable work environment, a safe space, ease of communication, matched energy and more.

It simply means I saw a choice. I simply ran into yet another fork in the road and instead of going right like I've done time and time again with very lackluster results, I am finally choosing to go left. I’m not tip-toeing, I’m not walking, I’m running as fast as my little neuropathic legs can go. (at a pace that keeps me safe lol!).

I intend to build and mentor a team of talented creative professionals. I intend to build wealth for myself and anyone I do business with. I intend to continue to solve problems with creative solutions and do it by being myself. I intend to be the person my daughter wants to emulate. I intend to be the person many young creatives take advice from.

Iterate is a design and education based collaborative that seeks to aid many in the goal for good design. Iteration is the strategy for authentic, efficient and effective design.

Stay turned for the creative magic to come! Interested in Iterate's Journey? Check out this blog post

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Kimberly Rashad is the founder and owner of Iterate Design Collaborative. When not running her business or mentoring young creatives, you can find her kayaking or traveling. She resides in Atlanta, GA. Connect with her on Linkedin.

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