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My Top 10 Favorite Details about the 2018 HGTV Smart Home

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Let’s talk about this years HGTV Smart Home. For starters, it was designed by Mrs. Tiffany Brooks, a seasoned Black Interior Designer based in Illinois. This is her third time designing and hosting HGTV’s annual smart home giveaway and i’m excited to get into the details.

I’ll be sharing with you my top 3 favorite rooms, features and pieces of furniture throughout the house. I encourage you to mosey on over to the site yourself and take a look!

First things first, design rules and rhythm. What did I notice recurring over and over all throughout the home? Black details and Vertical Linearity. From the roof and windows, to the doors, fabric and powder room. Those stood out to me because they relate to my own style. Linearity and a bold color like Black are very simple yet strong design elements that I would say were tastefully used all over the house. Where and how? Here are my favorites...

Top 3 Favorite Features


Sunlight is my #1 design must have. Incorporating as many windows and light into a space as possible cuts down on energy costs and brings life into any space. In the HGTV Smart home skylights were incorporated into the Master Bath. Who wouldn’t want warm sunshine on their skin after a refreshing shower?


How many of you have had a hard time finding the seat during a middle-of-the-night bathroom break? This meme gets me every time. These toilets are electronically operated and equipped with LED lights. You’ll never fall into the toilet ever again. Also, let’s talk about how good it looks! No odd corners and spaces to clean around. Check out the site to learn about the rest of the specs!

Retractable Screen

Outdoor spaces are so important in our living environments. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 87% of their life indoors. This smart home makes chillin' outside more enjoyable with the screen. I know the struggle of wanting to enjoy a cool drink outside, but immediately retreating because of bugs.

Top 3 Favorite Rooms


The powder blue vertical lined cabinets and butcher block island would make me want to make my own youtube cooking show, bake a cake every weekend and actually WANT to do the dishes. Girl. Everybody needs a kitchen like this. We all just may eat healthier if we had this kitchen because fruit would look better sitting on the counter over a bag of cheetos.

Powder Room

The walls. THE WALLS. I just fell in love with bathroom walls. They're Bold. They're Strong. Tall and Timeless. These walls are the man I’ve always wanted. I love them and I want them in my house. Ship Lap on a budget video to come soon...

Laundry Room

I love a well organized and functional space. This laundry room would actually make you want to clean your kids dirty clothes for once! Never underestimate the power of organization and having everything you need in one place.

Top 3 Favorite Furniture Pieces

Peacock Chair

Wood. Lines. Inspired by Nature. Functionality. What more can I ask for? Take my money right now.

Coffee Table

Earthy Things. They’re just so...yes. If you wonder why design is so into bringing nature inside check out this article on Biophilia. If you agree just like the whole blog post. Lol

Stair Storage

Minimalism. Organization. Hidden doors. HELLO. I would be afraid that small children would attack these and make a mess of the fresh sheets though...

That’s it! Check out the rest of the 2018 Smart home at!

Stay tuned for more Interior Design news, inspiration and fun! Connect with me on the interwebs and check me out at


Kimberly Rashad is a social equity and empathy motivated designer. Her design style focuses greatly on intentionality. When she’s not working with individuals, businesses and nonprofits around

the country she’s either hosting events for her local Alumni Chapter (SU ‘16) or cooking up something good in her apartment in Atlanta, GA. Connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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