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Client Reveiws

"Kimberly was a great asset to our team! Her vast experience with graphic design software enabled her to ramp up quickly to our needs and make a positive impact on our business in short order. She's a self-starter who can thrive with minimal oversight, asks intelligent questions for clarity and direction, and has a strong work ethic. Kimberly's organization skills have made it easier for our team members to locate and use the marketing materials she's created."

- Smith Douglas Homes

In my time with Kimberly, I quickly noticed that she possessed a cheerful demeanor and was very personable. She also displayed a level of commitment and responsibility to her work. she is admirable in both her leadership capabilities and her drive to help businesses succeed.

- Community Folk Art Center Designer

Kimberly thinks in color and it shows. Her attention to detail and eye for vibrancy makes her a dynamic asset. Her spirit comes through in all of her work, adding a personality to her projects that makes them compelling and relatable.

- Connective Initiative

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